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About Kesem Yarok


We at Kesem Yarok (Hebrew for 'green magic ') are bringing unique playful concepts into our outside world, combining playing and exploring. Often with a green or natural touch, always with passion for playing, people and planet.


We are specialized in outdoor musical instruments for all ages and abilities and for all environments.


Combining both playing and learning outside, we also design and create educational play environments for young children.

We offer a holistic approach to play area development, helping our customers to absolutely differentiate their outdoor spaces.


We work for cities/municipalities, (landscape) architects, schools & kindergartens and for the leisure industry.


Kesem Yarok is supplying the products on this website inclusive (or exclusive) installation.


For gardening design and gardening realisation we work in close cooperation with our specialized gardening partner.


We are operating from our office in Givat Yearim, a moshav in the Jerusalem area.






Kesem Yarok is founded in Israel by Gerton van Aalderink, who – together with his family – has recently made his aliyah from the Netherlands, after having sold his Dutch playground company 'Ovaal speelconcepten' to Kompan AS (Denmark), the world's market leader in the playground industry.


Being an 'oleh chadash' company now will give us the opportunity to use our European experience in the world of playful environments.


We hope this website will inspire you to have another look at your city square or garden, the next time you have to plan a playful idea.





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