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2017-03-27 22:04:08 - Papilio – with a name derived from the resemblance of its elegant shape to that of the Butterfly, the Papilio is a tubular bell type metallophone constructed using notes of anodised aluminium tubes, suspended by stainless steel cables and supported by a stainless steel frame. Watch the video and hear it yourself.
Tembos, a great Aerophone
2014-12-02 21:27:57 -

Both intriguing and addictive, our interactive Tembos allow you to make surprisingly funky music simply by striking them with the integral neoprene lined paddles.

A series of stainless steel tubes are tuned to a C-major pentatonic scale, each generates a different tone with varying volumes depending on how hard you hit them - their audible strength is staggering!

High quality materials and features impart exceptional tone, tuning stability, durability and ease of play. A stylish support structure holds the stainless steel pipes in a vertical orientation with the tallest standing over 3m in height, creating a truly visual and audibly stunning experience.

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