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Our vision

Our vision



Whether we look at an urban park or a playground, a community area or a school yard, playing outside – in the broadest sense – occurs everywhere.

In our vision, our outside world is the place where we meet, play, learn and discover by our senses.


At Kesem Yarok we strongly believe in creating unique concepts that in a playful and educative way do trigger and stimulate our senses, as you can discover on our product pages or in our designs.


To illustrate this we give you some examples below.



The sense of hearing – with a unique concept of professional tuned percussion instruments and sculptures, mostly produced in stainless steel, we bring the fun and ease of playing funky percussion music into the outside world.

A prove that playing is not only for children, but for all ages and levels of ability.




Providing wonderful creative atmospheres, we believe in creating soundscapes in our playscapes.


Our talking pole – the Audionetic – is telling stories of the world around us.  Powered by the energy one puts in it just by pumping the foot pedal. A playful solution for any interesting point in park or city and 100 % ecological!







Our unique assortment of engraved play sculptures, does not prescribe children how to play. However, every time we watch children play, we see they discover new play values.

This Dragonfly for instance is often a balance beam, but can also be an outdoor classroom – used by the teacher teaching about insects. It can even be used as a drawing model – tracing its veins on a piece of paper with a pencil.
It can be a climbing structure for toddlers or simply a trusted friendly spot from where it is good to observe the world around.The fine engravings activate the sense of touch and stimulate the young children's fine motoric skills.




Kesem Yarok is also embracing playful nature by providing all kinds of nature educative play solutions, something that often appears once we are asked to make a playful landscape or gardening design.


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